Our Philosophy

“Our purpose is to leave the world, our community and everyone we encounter better than we found them. Through the thoughtful, objective and trusted financial advice we provide, we will enable people to achieve their life's goals. We will build a financial planning empire, so that we can educate and help as many people as possible.”

I’ve read our mission statement out loud every morning for 11 years. I believe we are all put on this planet to make things better. I think we are given unique abilities, certain passions and life experiences that nudge us towards our destiny which - if realized - improve our lives and the lives of others. We’re here to “make a dent in the universe,” as Steve Jobs said.

The Financial Zen Group is the realization of my destiny. It is the manifestation of my vision to help you navigate the unnecessarily complicated world of personal finance. And by taking this off your plate, free up your time and energy to pursue your own destiny. Our dent is helping you make your dent.

Rick Valenzi
Founder & CEO

Why We’re Different

1) We are the only financial planning firm exclusively focused on helping young families.

2) We are the only financial planning that works with you hand-in-hand through the implementation of your recommendations. All other firms stop after they hand you your financial plan.

3) We are one of the only firms that does not care how much money you have. There are others, but you need to look pretty hard.

4) We are part of a small, but growing movement of financial planning firms that charge a subscription rather than investment management fees.

5) We are the future of financial planning. The days of the shark-type financial advsiors chasing after your money will be gone in 20 years. Smart financial planning from real professionals, not a thinly disguised salesperson, will be the new standard in our lifetime.

But what makes us really one-of-a-kind is our team…