Happy Anniversary to Us!

We've been together for 3 years!  

Pop!  Fizz!  Clink!

Sure we were together under Mother Wells' watchful eye, but The Financial Zen Group is our thing.   And it was 3 years ago this week that it began. 

Anniversaries bring reflection.  And sometimes those moments make you realize a decision made long ago has taken on a new meaning over the years.  

We recently made a strategic shift to exclusively help young, successful families.  Why?  Because traditional financial advisors don't work with people like us.  They work with our parents.  So this is where The Financial Zen Group can do the most good for the most people.

People like us have similar aspirations and anxieties.  The details might differ, but we all want to send our kids to college, buy a home (maybe two) and retire on our own terms.   We want to live a life of abundance free from financial worry.

3 years ago, we named our firm The Financial Zen Group.  It wasn't until this week's moment of reflection that I realized "Group" doesn't actually refer to future employees. 

You are the "Group".   You are a member of this collective of young, successful families pursuing similar hopes and dreams.  

This OUR thing.  

Happy Anniversary to us!