Lifestyle Creep and His Lousy Wife

You know "Lifestyle Creep?"   He pretends he's your friend, but he's not.   And his wife's no better. 

They move into your basement and convince you that things you used to think of as a luxury (i.e. DoorDash) are now a necessity. (I mean what else are you going to do for dinner?)

On any given day, you can hear him saying "C'mon!  You're making all this money.  Time to reward yourself and live a little!   You deserve it."

And then you wake up one day and you realize you made a TON of money throughout your career and you've got nothing to show for it. 

Kick the Creeps to the curb.  Let ‘em move into your neighbor's basement. 

You're too smart to let your spending rise at the same rate as your income.

The solution is easy.  Just always save a percentage of your income.  

10% (at minimum) 
15% (better)
20% (you're setting an example) 
25% (total rockstar!)

Whatever your savings rate, maintain it throughout your career, and you'll ensure the Creeps don't suck up all that money you're making!