2 Year Anniversary

Young, bootstrapped small businesses eventually become a victim of their own success.  The business outgrows the business owner and he can no longer "do it all".  It's time to hire some help. 

This week marks the 2 year anniversary of The Financial Zen Group (can you believe it!?).   That feels like an appropriate time to legitimize the "Group" in The Financial Zen Group.  

James Carnahan starts this week.   He's part of a husband and wife team who have provided virtual assistant services exclusively for financial planners for over 25 years - check em out here.

He will handle all of our administrative tasks - paperwork, transfers and meeting prep/follow up to start with.   And because he only works with financial planners, he already know all the technology that we use which means he'll add value immediately.

This will allow me to spend more of my time doing the important stuff - talking to clients and  developing and implementing financial plans. 

You can reach James at (330) 310-3826 and james.carnahan@financialzen.com