We Make It Look Easy

There once was a man who had a squeaky hardwood floor. 

For months and months he tried to fix it.   But for the life of him he couldn't get the floor to stop squeaking. 

So he finally called a carpenter.

The carpenter came in, looked at the floor for a few minutes, took out one nail, hammered the nail into the floor and left.

Sure enough, the floor was fixed.  It didn't make a peep after that.

A week later the man received the bill in the mail.  It was for $200.   He was surprised that a few minutes of looking around and one nail cost $200.  So he called the carpenter asking for a detailed invoice. 

A week later the invoice arrived.  It read:

One nail……… $1
Knowing where to hammer the nail…. $199

The professional always makes it look easy because she knows exactly what to do.  But she only knows exactly what to do because she spent thousands and thousands of hours trying everything else first. 

Do you have thousands of hours to try everything else first?