My Favorite Christmas Present

The best Christmas present I get every year is not fancy.

It's not something I put on my Christmas list.

It's made of paper.

It costs about 99 cents.

It's just a card. But not a Hallmark card or one of those glossy photo postcards of your friend's kids.

It's homemade. That changes it from an extra decoration for just one season to something that gets pulled out and put up every Christmas.

Did I mention it costs 99 cents to make?

We tend use money as an expression of love and affection. Parents give money to their adult children who don't need it (or worse, actually do). New parents buy the most expensive stroller because baby deserves the best. Soon-to-be-husbands extend themselves beyond their means to purchase a slightly bigger diamond (note: does not apply to CFPs).

We've all committed some version of "I love you, so here's some money".

But the most memorable expressions of love and affection aren't financial.

Slaving over a hot oven to make dozens of Christmas cookies (Thanks, Mom!).

Flying 18 hours across the country and Pacific Ocean to get to your best friend's wedding (Thanks, Christian!).

Or making a beautiful, thoughtful, homemade Christmas card every year (Thanks, Nancy!).

So while you're running around town finishing your Christmas shopping, remember - the best gift you could give might just be your time and energy.

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