A Deliberate, Hard, Selfless Thanksgiving Wish

Giving thanks is deliberate. You can't be thankful by accident. You have to make it happen.

Giving thanks is hard. Negativity and half-emptiness is easy. Gratitude and seeing the good isn't natural. But it gets easier with practice.

Giving thanks is selfless. You expect nothing in return. And yet by giving, you actually receive a vision of your life that's been dusted off and polished.

Before starting the "eat-nap-eat again" cycle this Thanksgiving, do the hard thing and take a moment to be deliberately, selflessly thankful for the all the people and opportunities and sunrises in your life.

And consider finding a moment every day to practice gratitude. It's not easy, but the upside is you can take that shiny image with you 365 days a year, not just the 4th Thursday of November.

I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving this year.

And if you feel your ears burning today (or any day, really), know that it's probably me taking a moment to appreciate you.