Thanksgiving Gratitude

Thanksgiving may be the time we verbalize our gratitude, but my gratitude for you is something I reflect on every day.

Part of my morning ritual is writing down 3 things that I'm grateful for and 3 things I'm looking forward to that day. 

A disproportionate amount of my gratitude and eager anticipation each morning is focused on you.

Here are some examples (names changed): 

  • I am grateful John "feels on top of things, like never before"
  • Today I'm looking forward to explaining Tim and Lisa's retirement distribution strategy, so they won't worry about retiring anymore
  • I'm grateful for engaged, enthusiastic clients like Sue
  • Today I'm looking forward to showing Rob and  Mary how they'll send Bobby to college

So if you've ever felt your ears burn at 5:45 am, now you know why.  

I'm grateful you've given me the opportunity to help you.

I'm grateful for your patience while I got The Financial Zen Group up, running and dialed in.

I’m grateful that you've allowed me to live my dream

And I'm grateful that you are in my life.   You've helped me to grow - not just professionally, but personally as well and I'm a better person because of you. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Enjoy your turkey and football (and nap) today!