…but first, our philosophy

1) We believe it shouldn’t matter how much money you have.

We are like no other financial advisor - we don’t care how much money you have.

If you can benefit from the advice of someone like us - someone who knows personal finance inside and out - then you should be able to work with them regardless of the size of your portfolio.

And that’s why we do not have asset minimums.

2) We believe in human relationships.

The value in working with someone like us is not just the financial projections and portfolio management and tax planning. (Although those are important.)

The value is the trust. The trust that someone’s watching your house, while you’re out living your life. The trust that someone intimately understands your family, and can help guide your biggest life decisions. And the trust that someone’s looking out for you in a world filled with click-bait and commission-at-all-costs salespeople.

That’s the kind of trust you can only build over time…with a human…in a ongoing relationship.

And that’s why we only offer subscription-based memberships.

3) We believe financial planning is a journey, not a destination.

It’s cliche’d, but true. Sometimes your financial journey is full of detours, red lights and bumper-to-bumper traffic. And sometimes your financial journey is an open highway without another car in sight.

When life’s busy, we should talk more and pay extra close attention. And when life’s not-so-busy, we can turn on the cruise control and enjoy the scenery.

That’s why we offer 3 different membership levels .

You: “Love it!”

Little Voice: “Seriously though. What’s it cost?