An unimplmented financial plan isn’t worth the cloud storage it uses.

Just like every other financial planner, we’ll start with the financial planning process.

Your financial plan is the roadmap to your financial future. It tells us the route to take, detours to consider and approximately what time we’ll arrive.

That’s Month 1 & 2.

What makes us different is we don’t stop there. Months 3-6 we’ll take action on your financial plan and put it all to work.

And at the end of your 6 month bootcamp you’ll be in the best financial shape of your life.

Financial zen bootcamp - $400/mo (6 month minimum)

What you get:

  • Two 90 minute financial planning sessions (Month 1 & 2)

    • Month 1 - Gathering the pieces of your financial puzzle (Data gathering and goal setting)

    • Month 2 - This is your life! (Financial plan and recommendations review)

  • Four 60 minute Monthly - Gettin er Done - sessions (Months 3-6)

    • Month 3: Insurance planning - You buckle up before you drive don’t you? Same deal.

    • Month 4: Retirement planning - So important it’s only behind insurance.

    • Month 5: Investment planning - Because college and your first home and your RSU’s/Options/ESPP won’t figure themselves out will they?

    • Month 6: Estate & Tax planning - Let’s face it. Just because it’s boring doesn’t mean it’s not important.

  • Access to your own Financial Zen website - the new hub for your financial life - which includes:

    • Financial dashboard - see every part of your financial health in one place

    • Spending tracking

    • Investment performance & insights

    • Interactive financial planning reports

    • Financial goal tracking

    • Cloud storage for sensitive financial documents (insurance policies, estate plan, etc.)

    • And so much more!

So you’re in the best financial shape of your life! Congrats! Now what?