You’ll start with your Financial Zen Boot Camp!

It’s your PERSONALIZED 6-month program to get in the best financial shape of your life.

You’ll meet monthly 1:1 with your Certified financial planner to build on things you’re doing right and fix things you’re not.

Financial Zen Boot Camp

$400 monthly (6-month minimum) or

$2,000 upfront

+ 6 monthly 1:1 appointments with your Certifed Financial Planner

We'll develop a game plan in Months 1 & 2, and then we'll execute in Months 4-6.

  1. Goal setting & data gathering
  2. Financial plan and recommendations review
  3. Insurance planning (life, disability, umbrella liability, health, home/auto)
  4. Estate planning, taxes & liabilities (student loans, credit cards, emergency fund)
  5. College, retirement & homeownership
  6. Corporate benefits, cashflow & Financial Zen tools

24/7/365 unlimited email, phone and text support

Financial Zen Monthly Reminders

+ Financial Zen Member Portal

  • Comprehensive interactive dashboard of current financial health
  • Access to in-depth, customized financial planning reports including net worth and cashflow statements
  • Bank-level security cloud storage for your most important financial documents - insurance policies, home deeds, estate plan, medical directives
  • Budget and cashflow tracking
  • Real-time portfolio tracking
  • Customized financial alerts

Planning services include:

+ Customized Financial Plan

  • Short-term and long-term goal setting
  • Detailed financial projections
  • Exhaustive list of recommendations for improvement
  • Unlimited scenario analysis to prioritize competing financial goals
  • Personal financial statements
  • Stress tests for various market conditions

+ Education

  • Assistance establishing achievable education goals
  • Projections of estimated costs
  • Recommendations on how much to save and when
  • Recommendations on what types of accounts to use
  • Assistance with tuition research and projections
  • Options for funding K-12 private school
  • Concierge service in applying for financial aid and student loans

+ Retirement

  • Assistance establishing achievable retirement goals
  • Recommendations on how much to save and what type of accounts to use
  • Best practices for naming beneficiaries
  • Recommendations for investment allocations
  • Guidance on contributing to either Roth or Traditional retirement accounts
  • Strategies to maximize Social Security benefits
  • Concierge service in consolidating old 401k’s
  • Concierge service for Medicare enrollment

+ Homeownership

  • Analysis and projections for how much house you can afford
  • Scenario analysis for appropriate down payment amounts
  • Objective guidance in selecting the best mortgage for your goals
  • Concierge service in establishing a down payment fund
  • Advice on maximizing down payment fund returns while preserving principal
  • Scenario analysis of making extra mortgage payments
  • Recommendations for financing renovations
  • Objective guidance to clarify potentially conflicted advice of real estate agents and mortgage lenders
  • Referrals to real estate agents and mortgage lenders
  • Introductions to the most cost-effective mortgage lenders
  • Concierge service during home buying process

+ Employee Benefits

  • Analysis of Employee Stock Purchase Program
  • Recommendations for maximizing ESPP returns while minimizing taxes
  • Advice on contribution rates into your ESPP
  • Tracking of RSU and stock option grants and vesting dates
  • Guidance on tax-efficient divestiture of vested RSU’s
  • Guidance on tax-efficient exercise and divestiture of stock options
  • Analysis of health insurance options and recommendations
  • Assistance in establishing a Health Savings Account and recommendations for investment allocation

+ Investments

  • Customized risk assessments
  • Personalized portfolio model recommendations
  • Recommendation for strategies to fill each savings bucket
  • Personalized Investment Policy Statement detailing potential volatility of recommended allocations

+ Insurance

  • Life insurance needs analysis
    • Recommendations on amounts and terms
  • Disability insurance needs analysis
    • Recommendations on amounts and terms
  • Review of home and auto policies for gaps
  • Assistance purchasing an umbrella liability policy
  • Review & recommendations of group/individual health coverage
  • Referrals to insurance brokers and carriers
  • Concierge services in applying for policies

+ Estate Planning

  • Easy-to-understand explanation of estate planning process including costs and benefits
  • Guidance in designating guardians, trustees, powers-of-attorney
  • Recommendations on for trust distribution
  • Assistance in speaking with potential trustees, guardians and powers-of-attorney
  • Assistance updating account titles and beneficiaries
  • Concierge service and referrals to estate attorneys

+ Liabilities

  • Recommendation for an appropriate amount and placement of your emergency fund
  • Strategies to eliminate student loan debt
  • Strategies to eliminate credit card debt

+ Taxes

  • Review of prior year’s tax returns for overlooked tax deductions
  • Investment placement strategies for reducing current and future tax liabilities
  • Recommendations for tax-efficient exercise of company stock options
  • Concierge service and referrals to tax advisors

+ Cashflow

  • Guidance establishing sustainable on-going living expenses
  • Monthly budget and spending category updates
  • Recommendations on spending strategies to remain debt-free
  • Best practice recommendations for utilizing your Financial Zen portal

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