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Do you really
need a financial planner?

If you have a kid and make over $250,000, then you do. Full stop.

But that’s not the right question. The right question is do you WANT a financial planner?

Or do you want to spend your free time researching and implementing strategies to achieve financial security? (And will you actually get around to it?)

Or do you want to drive towards some vague destination with no plan to get there?

Or do you want to chance stepping on a financial landmine you didn’t even know existed?

Why wouldn’t you hire someone to do it all for you? Make sure you don’t miss anything. Achieve the future you dream of. AND free your time for things you actually enjoy doing.

It’s all in the right question.

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why we’re different.

We are the only experienced financial planning firm built exclusively for young families.

With you in mind, we offer:

  1. A unique 6-step, 6-month process to help your family achieve financial security and help you achieve peace of mind.

  2. A subscription-based pricing model that eliminates the need for you to give us your money to work with us. (Although we can manage your investments if you want us to.)

  3. Lots of technology (your personalized financial website) and lots of availability (84 hrs/week) to remove as many hurdles for you as possible.

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The Financial Zen Group is a modern financial planning firm
helping young families prepare for life’s have to’s and plan for life’s want-to’s.

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