We answer the questions you have (and the ones you don’t know you should have).

After your Financial Zen Bootcamp, you’ll know…


  1. When can I retire?!?!

  2. How much should I be contributing to my 401k?

  3. What should I do with my old 401k?


  1. How much will it cost?

  2. How much should I be saving every month?

  3. What kind of account should I save it in?

Family Security

  1. How much life insurance do I need? Is what I have through work enough?

  2. How big of an emergency fund should I have and where should I keep it?

  3. Do I need disabily insurance? Doesn’t work cover that too?

Home ownership

  1. How much house can I afford?

  2. What kind of mortgage should I get?

  3. How should I pay for our renovations?


  1. What’s the most tax-effective way to excercise my options?

  2. How can I minimize the capital gains on my company stock?

  3. How can I maximize my tax deductions?


  1. How should I invest my 401k?

  2. What should I do about my stock options and RSU’s?

  3. Should I buy stocks? ETF’s? Mutual Funds? Which ones?

Debt Management

  1. What should I do about my student loans?

  2. Should I buy or lease my car?

  3. Should I be making extra mortgage payments?

Estate Plan

  1. Why do I need an estate plan if I’m not rich? Isn’t my will enough?

  2. Who will take care of our money and our kids if we’re gone?

  3. Where do I even start?

Employee benefits

  1. Should I pay extra for more life insurance?

  2. Which health plan is best for my family?

  3. Should I be participaitng in my company’s ESPP?

but first you’ve got to get through bootcamp…