Why the Trade War Doesn't Matter

Remember that scene in Forrest Gump? He's rocking on his front porch in his sneakers and khakis. And he decides to start running. He ran to the end of the block. To the end of town. Through Alabama to the Pacific Ocean. Then back to the Atlantic. He ran through Maine and Montana and Arizona and on and on and on.

"When I got tired, I slept. When I got hungry, I ate. And when I had to go…you know…I went."

He ran through winters. He ran through summers. He ran through rain and he ran through sunshine. He just ran. He…was…run-iiing!

Marky Market is a huge Forrest Gump fan. He loves to run. He's run through trade wars. He's run through actual wars. He's run through recessions and expansions. He's run through all sorts of presidential administrations. He's run through economic disasters. He's run through natural disasters.

And sometimes he gets tired. So he sleeps. And sometimes he gets hungry. So he eats.

Don't worry about whatever Marky Market is going to run through next. There's nothing he hasn't already run through.

And don't worry when he needs a break. He'll keep running when he's done.

It's just sometimes…you know…you gotta go.