There’s 8766 hours in a year. Give us 12 of those hours, and we’ll get you in the best financial shape of your life!

The play-by-play:

  1. Intro Call - How can we help you? Schedule an introductory call and find out if we can help you. No cost. No obligation.

  2. 1st Appointment - Are we a good fit? In our 1st appointment, we'll discuss your most important financial priorities and concerns, as well as what you can expect working with The Financial Zen Group.

  3. 2nd Appointment (Month 1) - It’s all about you! Let's begin the financial planning process! In detail, we'll review your financial goals, current financial health and financial past. No stone is left unturned.

  4. 3rd Appointment (Month 2) - This is your life! Your financial plan is ready! We'll explain our recommendations and create a 12-month roadmap to get you in the best financial health of your life.

  5. Monthly Calls - Gettin’ er done. Over the next 10 months, we'll schedule 30 minutes each month to actually do the work to implement your financial plan recommendations. Lots of handholding! Aw! And here’s what we’ll cover:

Month 3 - Life Insurance - Review life insurance needs analysis and begin application process

Month 4 - Disability Insurance - Review disability insurance needs and begin application process

Month 5 - Emergency Fund - Open Ally savings account to fund emergency fund and other short-term goals (down payment, new car, etc.)

Month 6 - Estate Planning (Part 1) - Discuss estate planning decisions

Month 7 - Retirement Planning - Update 401k allocation/contributions and consolidate/rollover IRA's

Month 8 - Estate Planning (Part 2) - Meet with estate attorney and begin drafting

Month 9 - Investment Planning - Consolidate accounts and reallocate portfolios according risk assessment results

Month 10 - Tax Planning - Review most recent tax return to research tax saving opportunities

Month 11 - College Planning - Review lump sum vs. monthly contributions and finalize savings plan.

Month 12 - Annual Review - Scrub down and update financial plan

…..and then what?