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What is Financial Zen?

Do you live in financial uncertainty?  Maybe you know where you want to go, but you're not sure how or if you'll get there.   And hopefully life doesn't throw you any curve balls because you're not prepared for them.  

Financial Zen is a feeling.   It's a feeling of peace.  A feeling of serenity.  A feeling of contentment.  Your financial house is in order.  You know where you are going and how you'll get there. And you're well prepared for life's curve balls when they come because they always do. 

The Financial Zen Group helps people achieve Financial Zen in an uncertain world.  Find your Financial Zen.
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What is financial planning?

A plane flying from San Francisco to New York is on-course for only 5% of the flight.  It takes off with a flight plan, but there's no way to predict changes in atmospheric pressure, wind speed or air density.  Yet it reaches its destination because it is correcting its course on an on-going basis. 

Financial Planning is like flying.  First decide on your destination. Retire at 60?  Send your kids to Stanford?  Buy your first home?  Then you develop a flight plan.  How much will it cost? How much do you need to save?  Finally, you take off and course-correct through regular, on-going financial reviews.

You can fly yourself or The Financial Zen Group can fly for you.  Learn How→


OUr Mission Statement

We are dedicated to helping others.  Our mission is to leave our clients and our community better than we found them.   Through the thoughtful, objective and trusted financial advice we provide, we will improve lives and enable people to achieve their life's goals.