Baby Prep Planning

Are you about to have a baby? 

Are you about to be a grandparent?

If so, there are things you (or your kids) need to do right now to get your house ready.  And I don't mean plugging the outlets.

We're talking about your financial house.

It's the Baby Prep Plan trifecta - college, life insurance, and estate planning.

As part of my ever-expanding service offering, I will help you customize your own personal Baby Prep Plan.  

We'll make sure:

  • The grandparents will have somewhere to save for Baby's college expenses  (You'll need $350k to send Baby to UC Berkeley in 18 years.)
  • You have enough life insurance to protect your family (just in case).  (Promise you don't have enough through work.)
  • Your will, guardianship and all the other legal mumbo jumbo is squared away. (I'll make it super easy for you.)

As if that wasn't enough, that service is free for Financial Zen financial planning clients.

If that's you, and we need to talk, click here to schedule your Baby Prep Planning appointment.


Full Disclosure: As a fiduciary financial planner, I cannot accept compensation from third parties.  Therefore, I have no financial interest in working with any particular estate attorney or insurance guy/gal.   (Although I know some excellent ones we can use if you don't know anyone.)