1st March 2009

Did all the right things the wrong way.

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No doubt you’ve read about the woman with the octuplets. The woman, who isn’t married, has no job, and so our dollars pay for “her” childrens upbringing, housing, etc. etc.
In one aspect, it’s wonderful she wants to be a mother. It’s another that she is financially inept to do so, let alone bypass adopting – which, by the way, you can be paid to adopt (still with tax dollars, but this is a digression – children are here who need love, who need a mother period). This isn’t a “pro-life/choice” debate – this is a woman who does things the wrong way and is rewarded for it. Book deals, paid appearances, and tax dollar funding.

How I screwed up

So many places to begin! I’ll go chronologically.

I waited until I was financially secure to get married.

That’s right – I had a paying job that could afford a mortgage payment if necessary. But I was salary, I was in love, and it made sense.
But getting married, I set myself up for a number of other colossal mistakes. I mean, by getting married when I was financially stable, I was able to afford rent and groceries! It’s crazy that I could’ve stayed with a student job, gotten married, and just lived on welfare, in government subsidized housing, and gotten food stamps instead!

I had kids with my wife

How idiotic we are – we waited until we had jobs and were married! If we were unemployed, or even better – not married – tax dollars could’ve covered everything, including W.I.C. so we’d get free food and other baby items! Instead, we paid for our baby like a couple of fools and the hospital took our money!

We bought a house we could afford

I overpay my mortgage, too. To think – I could be paying half as much in a house that cost twice as much and then have the Government stop the bank from foreclosing! We could be buying up properties left and right and making a mint by having the foreclosures stopped! Instead, we saved money, we paid money, and we continue to pay our mortgage without Government (or anyone else’s for that matter) assistance!

We have one child, and are considering another

We could be going for double digits, people! Seriously, my wife could just keep having more babies than we could afford – but hey, book deals come to irresponsible parents! Free stuff, too! And if we hit that magical mark, tax dollars could start paying for other aspects of our lives. Instead, we’re being responsible, and – while not just saying “oh, it’s not fiscally responsible to raise a child in today’s economy” – we’re saying “can we make this happen and be loving parents to two children or more?” Jobless or employed – you can be loving and responsible. Naturally – for us at least, but there are limits that one should place to prevent multiple births.

This is partially – partially – tongue in cheek. But the more I read (I know, mass media) of people crying about their hand outs and their continual rewards for the irresponsibility – the more aggravated I become over my constant striving for responsibility as a parent, an employee, and a citizen. Wall Street suddenly turned it’s back on the bailout money so it wouldn’t have to cap salaries – so I guess things weren’t that bad then?

They’re starting to realize that if the American economy collapses and the world economy follows, it doesn’t matter where they shuffle their money to – if money is devalued everywhere, it could leave them broke with nothing to show for it except the paper trail.

I hope people continue to be responsible – as I strive to be – in light of this horrible corruption, rip-offs and buy-offs. Buddha knows it’s difficult.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery. But today is a gift – that is why it is called ‘present.’”

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