8th May 2008

Your Children. Their Future. Conclusion.

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So I’ve been writing about this post.

In my own way – I see that we all have deep seeded desires for our children’s future. We recognize that money can be an issue when it comes to something they want (and we want them to experience). We can do so much for them outside the realms of finance by simply listening to them, and guiding them to the best of our abilities. They are lumps of clay rolling down a hill, and we get to shape them a little bit, and guide them down the right path, but there are forks in the road.

I worry that some parents may focus too much on what they want and expect of their child, that it then stresses their child out. I’m not saying “take no interest” or “obsesses over your child” in any length of the word – I’m saying support your child. Celebrate their successes.

Let them fall, and show them how to better pick themselves up again. There will be times in life when you see that they’re going down a rough patch and “if they’d only just listen to you.” You realize you sound like your parents now, right?

It’s not about telling them what to do or how to do it. It’s about your kids needing to experience it for themselves – maybe they’ll succeed where you failed (or thought they’d fail). Maybe they’ll fail where you thought they’d succeed – the only way to know for sure is to let them live their lives when they need to – and let them know that no matter what you’ll always thinking of them – even when they think you’re just not thinking of their best interests.

Parenting, it’s… it is its own beast. I look forward to the future little Zens, but I also know how much heartbreak I’m in for! Best of luck to all parents out there – I know you’re trying, and I hope your little ones surprise you.

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